You’re tired of living in a constant state of self-doubt.

You know you need to get your mojo back but can’t for the life of you figure out how to do it.

If only you could rewind time, to that carefree place before your world got turned upside down.

Alas, that’s not a possibility.

But perhaps there is some way to end this constant cycle of self-criticism, doubt and shame for good.

Sarah Novak

I feel your pain.

I was there myself back in 2007, certain that I’d never again be that confident, self-assured woman of my past. But here’s the great news: with a little time and a lot of self-work I did regain my old confidence (and then some!). I’ve learned what it takes to release the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that keep you paralyzed, and I’m eager to share what I know. Let me start you on your journey back to your confident, capable self!


“Since taking Sarah’s Confidence Boost program I’ve noticed that I don’t feel as stressed as I used to. I now have concrete tools I can use anytime I start to feel stuck! ~ Shay from Washington, DC

 “Sarah is a natural at this . . . caring, warm, professional, thoughtful and committed to helping promote change in a positive and life-changing way. I appreciated the supportive environment she created that allowed me to take risks and think creatively about my particular circumstances. Fabulous program!” ~ Leah from Asuncion, Paraguay


Specifically, I’m talking to you if:

    • You’re constantly plagued by self-doubt as a result of your adversity/loss*.
    • You feel like you’ve lost control of your life.
    • You’ve let your adversity/loss affect your identity or self-image in a negative way.
    • You feel knocked down by your loss or adverse situation, afraid that you’ll never get back on your feet again.
    • You’re struggling to regain your confidence following your adversity/loss.

[*Adversity and loss come in many different forms. Here are some of the common ones I see in my clients: job loss/layoff, death of a loved one or pet, loss of a dream, leaving a city/country that you love, divorce, miscarriage, health diagnosis, career change, and many more….]

Sound familiar? Don’t fret; it happens to the best of us.

Here’s where we go from here. We’ll partner up for two jam-packed coaching sessions that will get to the heart of what’s keeping you stuck and have you moving forward again in no time.

We’ll expose your limiting beliefs for exactly what they are (which is C-R-A-P, by the way) and turn up the volume on your negative self-talk so you can see how destructive it really is (I bet you’d never dream of saying that nasty stuff to your best friend…so remind me again why you’re saying it to yourself???)

Once we’ve illuminated the crap we’ll focus on learning some new tools that will allow you to coach yourself out of scenarios where you’ve started buying into the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. You will be positively AMAZED at how quickly you can shift this once you put the focus in the right place!

And now for the nitty gritty.


    • A pre-coaching discovery form to help you identify your session goals and get thinking before we even talk.

    • TWO – 40 minute individual sessions to dive deep into your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk (a $300 value alone).

    • Two homework assignments to practice the tools you’re learning.

    • Unlimited email support during our two weeks of work together.

The Investment: $199

“Sarah is very energetic and pleasant to work with…you can tell she truly enjoys helping people and doing her work. The vocabulary and imagery she uses for describing exercises are brilliant. I was shocked by how many realizations I made in such a short time! I’ve already started changing the way I think about aspects of my life which has resulted not only in more positivity around my circumstances, but more confidence as well.” ~ Megan from Baku, Azerbaijan

Sound like a fit?

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