You’re struggling.  

You know you need to grieve your loss but have no idea how to begin.

You lack time, resources and the energy to do something about it.

If only there was an easier way to get to the other side of this perpetual fog.

Sarah Novak

What if you didn’t have to do it alone?

Well, guess what? You don’t!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sarah. Grief and I are old friends and I’d welcome the opportunity to help you explore yours. You see, I actually find grief quite useful. Sure, it hurts like hell, no question. But surprisingly, it’s also full of incredible insights and information– information that can transform your life for the better post-loss. With me as your partner, we’ll delicately explore your grief and see what it has to offer you.


“I loved the compact timing of this program because I could look at my grief in a focused way without feeling like it would be overwhelming.”  ~ PJ from Vienna, Austria

“Sarah’s enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious and make the sessions fly.  She tailored her Good Grief program to my personal grieving process during my divorce.  Although she distinguishes her coaching style from counseling, I felt as though she listened to me and validated my emotions without judgment.  Sarah really helped me focus on rebuilding my identity and learning to accept grief as part of my life.  Even after the first session, I started to feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders and I became a more positive, optimistic, energetic person.  She was a true joy to work with and was committed to helping me become a better person!”  ~ Kim from Washington, DC, USA

I’m guessing a few of these might sound familiar?

        • You’re having a hard time adapting to your new reality following your adversity/loss*.
        • You feel isolated, like there’s no one you can talk to about your adversity/loss.
        • You default to activity but know that what you really need is time to be still and go inward.
        • You live in a constant fog, never sure when you’re going to come out the other side.
        • You feel like you’re never going to recover from your adversity/loss.
        • You’ve put your grieving on hold because there doesn’t seem to be any space in your life for it.
        • You feel shame around your adversity or loss and notice yourself withdrawing as a result.

[*Adversity and loss come in many different forms. Here are some of the common ones I see in my clients: job loss/layoff, death of a loved one or pet, loss of a dream, leaving a city/country that you love, divorce, miscarriage, health diagnosis, career change, and many more….]


I know it can feel hopeless at times, like your life has peaked and it’s only downhill from here. I’ve been there and it SUCKS, big time. What I also know is that it’s possible to recover from loss and create something more fulfilling than you ever thought possible. You can and will build a rich, rewarding life after loss while still honoring your grief. This program will get you started by helping you to explore your grief in a safe, manageable way and by inviting you to consider what richness is available to you now, AFTER your loss.



    • A pre-coaching discovery form to help you identify your session goals and begin exploring your grief prior to even having our first call.

    • THREE – 40 minute individual sessions to explore the rules you make up around grief, what you’ve gained and lost as a result of your loss, and identity exploration around what needs to shift in order for you to move forward with confidence and clarity – (a $450 value alone).

    • Two creative homework exercises (yup, with good old crayons or markers) between sessions to help you process your grief in a right-brained way.

    • Unlimited email support during our month of work together.

Investment: $299

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