Client Love

Transition Coaching Success Stories

When I started transition coaching I felt confused, out of control and unlovable.  My work with Sarah helped me reclaim my innate power and learn how to trust in MY internal wisdom.  This shift totally and completely transformed my life.  Not only am I loving myself more than ever before, but I also sleep better, am in better shape and have seen a variety of my health problems disappear.  Thank goodness coaching showed up in my life at exactly the right moment!

– Carly from Zurich, Switzerland

I began transition coaching when I lost my job. Sarah helped me get in touch with my core values and goals and get past some old behaviors that really made me feel stuck. In less than a year I am in a job that I envisioned but had no idea existed, am starting a family and feel like I am achieving what I’ve always dreamed of.  I am now able to identify where I get stuck and have learned tools to move past that.  Sarah really has a way of knowing when to push further and when to move on. She helped me move past a lingering issue that had stuck with me for years. Make sure you are really ready & willing to do some hard work and to look deep within yourself. It’s a fantastic journey that helps in so many ways, but I found that it only came when I was ready to be open and honest with myself.

– Sarah from Minnesota, USA

You changed my life by opening me up to my own potential. I am so much more ME now thanks to our work together.  I feel as though I lost 100lbs of excess emotional weight that I was carrying around!  I continue to emerge from our coaching a healthier, happier, less encumbered, more enlightened human being.

 – Ecy from Kathmandu, Nepal

Shortly before starting to work with Sarah, I was thrown completely off-balance by a breast cancer diagnosis.  Everything changed in that moment and I quickly realized that I needed grief coaching.  Sarah was there with me through the most extreme lows and I think without her, I would have damaged or destroyed precious relationships and probably have had to take prescription anti-depressants (which would have provided much lesser results)!  Most importantly, Sarah helped me come to grips with what cancer means to my life.  While I knew I wasn’t going to let cancer control my life, she helped me figure out how I was going to make cancer CONTRIBUTE to my life.  I truly feel like I’m on the way to the life I was meant to have thanks to Sarah’s assistance!

-Carol from Idaho, USA

The difference I feel in myself today versus six months ago is that I bring more of myself to everything that I do – rather than holding back to observe, question and self-criticize, I lean into what I am doing and throw it “all on the table” without judgment or hesitation.  It is a greater sense of freedom and a greater sense of self.  What I’ve learned is that coaching keeps you accountable for your own self-growth and allows your reflection process to be witnessed and reflected back to you by another person.  Goals become more challenging, yet more fulfilling when partnering with a coach, and in the end, your best self is able to be recognized not only by you, but by another person, making it a tangible and acknowledged accomplishment.

-Andrea from Minnesota, USA

Through my transition coaching work with Sarah I began to see the small box I painted myself into as a result of my fears and limiting beliefs.  For years I’d struggled with my self-image because I didn’t have a significant other.  I felt incomplete; like there was something wrong with me.  Coaching helped me learn to love myself, no matter what my relationship status.  I can now say that I am happy with who I am, exactly as I am.  I radiate joy and happiness and attract people to me.  I now see that it’s up to me to determine how my life (or my day) will go!

-Alicia from Minnesota, USA

Transition coaching has helped me reach a level of potential I thought I’d lost.  I was deep in the depths of dissatisfaction and unhappiness when I first met Sarah.  I kept saying ‘this is not who I want to be’ but I was not doing anything to change it.  Coaching worked itself into my life by fate; it definitely came at exactly the right time and I took what felt like a huge leap of faith and started my journey, even though I was nervous and apprehensive.  Boy was I a mess when I first started coaching!  I could hardly express my feelings, aspirations, or fears without tears – I was so emotional and fragile.  Now I feel confident and strong!  I have realized what I value and try to live my life with that in mind.  I face my fears without hesitation and feel happy a lot!  If you find yourself in a ‘stuck’ place frequently and are ready to get into motion, then coaching is for you.

-Anne from Minnesota, USA

In the past couple months I have noticed how coaching has begun to make lasting changes- on my life outlook, my actions and my determination.  In the beginning I was apprehensive and unsure of what coaching would do for me, but now I notice almost daily that my entire mindset has been modified!  Sarah asks the right questions and has an amazing ability to sense what you’re feeling or thinking and vocalize those thoughts.  I encourage you to try transition coaching- if you open yourself up to this opportunity you will be amazed at the things you are capable of just by having someone ask the right questions and push you a bit past your comfort zone!

-Jaime from Minnesota, USA

My work with Sarah was amazingly empowering.  I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone who feels like they’re stuck or feels like they need that extra little spark to make it to the next level.  I can’t say enough about her upbeat demeanor and incisive questions, both very essential during our sessions, as they helped me get through a very tough chapter in my life.

-James from Rome, Italy

I worked with Sarah during a challenging part of my life when I felt lost, confused, and beyond help.  Sarah’s transition coaching came at the perfect time and taught me that there was more than one path to success.   Her tools, exercises and powerful questions helped me determine that path and open up to receiving good things into my life.  Thanks to coaching, I came to recognize not only my direction, but my worth as well!

-Margaret from Minnesota, USA